How to fly a drone & NOT Crash!

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Newbies only!!  OK, so we have our FAA certification, that doesn't mean we know how to physically fly a drone.  There is still plenty to learn. It seems so simple at first.  I found that flying my drone in my house or yard was easy.  But, when I tried to do the certification flight for UAV Coach, I discovered that "easy" disappeared from my vocabulary.  UAV Coach actually expects you to fly a drone in a particular pattern with a bit more precision  than "doodle" flying requires.  This morning, I found this video  on YouTube and would like to share it with other newbies out there.  

I think Tony & Chelsea Northrup have done an excellent job in showing how to fly a drone in a methodical way.  

[Very personal note:  I'm not out of the woods yet myself, my Syma X5C quit working--somehow the electronics is causing one motor to burn out very fast--I've been through three motors in a very short time.  And, then there is the shoulder surgery.  I'm out of commission at this point.  But, as soon as I can manage it, I'll get it all together and pass the UAV certification flight!]

Anyway, here is what I think is an excellent video on how to fly a drone without crashing: 



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