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I was checking on a couple of locations to fly for a potential customer.  When I use the 'B4UFly' app it is says do not fly!  When I go to the FAA UAS Data Delivery System, the addresses show up with a ceiling of 200 and 300 feet.

Has anyone used the UAS Data Delivery System to check?  Where can I find the definitive / authoritative answer?

Here is the link to the Visualize It: See FAA UAS Data on a Map -

Example location: 41.97439   -87.80727

Thank you,

Scott - Drone It Texas / Drone It Network

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Hi Scott,

Official FAA sectional charts are THE airspace authority.

In controlled airspace,  you will need to apply for a waiver in order to operate.  The link you posted shows maximum ceilings that will have a chance of getting approved.  The map does not mean that you can fly to those heights without a waiver.

Have you looked into Part 107 training?  


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Thanks, Dave.  I am currently going thru the Drone Pilot Ground School from UAV Coach.

I went back and reviewed all of the information about the B4UFly app and found that it was really developed for hobbyist versus the commercial pilot.  It was mentioned so much at the Interdrone convention, I thought it was an authoritative source (being from the FAA).

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Yeah,  the B4uFly app is a bit of a disappointment.  There are some pretty good websites that make use of official charts.

Many of us use apps designed for full scale piloting which are fantastic for airspace awareness but they aren't free.

Also,  remember to check TFRs.

Good luck with your training!

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