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Current Mindset on the Typhoon H?

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Greetings Gang,

I have been flying my Hubsan X4 Pro since it became available. It's a very solid flyer and I have not had any issues with it that were not self-induced.

I'm now felling the need for an upgrade and the opportunity to take advantage of some of the latest technologies and autonomous capabilities.

I have been looking again at Yuneec's Typhoon H and was wondering if it is still a worthy, up to date aircraft for consideration and applicable to aerial photography.

I have been getting more involved in taking aerial images/videos of small oil and gas well sites for sale by owners and thought that some of the autonomous flight features (360 degree imaging) and flight stability of the Typhoon H might simplify the task.


So, the bottom line question I suppose is, has the Typhoon H received/and does it maintain acceptance within the community and is it perceived as a worthy contender and a place holder among the other drones in it's class? Or has its time come and gone?

Plus there are rumors of a psooible Thermal camera coming soon?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Bill L. in Okla.



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