DJI Proposal for Managing Drone Traffic

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ADS-B is for identifying and "publishing" the aircraft location.  Something that could be hugely effective at integrating drones into the NAS, not so effective at keeping them separate.  It really has the potential of adding a lot of "noise" to the system that over time will be ignored or filtered out which will make it ineffective.     

The problem with DJI's proposal is that most of the "avoidance" technology used by DJI and others are based on RealSense type technology.  This technology projects an orthorectified map onto your desk and was designed to replace the keyboard.  It has a very limited range or standoff capability so the closing rate has to be restricted to something under 7m/s.  That's why it's disabled in "sport" mode.  This can certainly be somewhat effective for terrestrial based stationary objects but is woefully inadequate for moving objects.   

Once again DJI is pushing for this type of regulation in advance of real competition and any real need for it.  There have been very few, one I think, reported mid-air collisions which resulted in minor damage.  I'm not suggesting this isn't a serious issue but given enough time, which should provide a better overall understanding of the challenges, innovative companies will begin developing purpose-built solutions that can meet those challenges.  Repurposing technologies, although clever, won't work. 


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