An Additional Typhoon H Question

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Greetings Gang,

I had an additional thought regarding the Typhoon H.

I have noticed in all of the 'H' videos I've watched that no one mentions nor does the ST16 Controller seems to have any method for trimming the aircraft in flight??

Is this attributed to the Hex design vs. a quad? Is the 'H' in full time GPS mode as opposed to just altitude hold?

Most curious and I would be interested in others experiences and/or thoughts.




Bill L.

In Okla.

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Bill - this websource will give you more information on the Yuneec platform. https://yuneecpilots.com/ 

The IR packages for the Yuneec are very low level in capability and image quality at this point in the game. The much better Yuneec platform is their newest = H520 as fas as going forward with a long term investment is concerned. There are some very good YouTube videos starting to emerge regarding the H520

Hope this helps you get more information for your considerations.

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Thanks for the link.

I think I can say with extreme confidence that while the H520 is an excellent offering from Yuneec, that bird is WaaaaY out of touch for me.

Clear Skies,

Bill L.

Duncan, OK


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