Hello from Oakland

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Hi All!


I've been recently certified here in Oakland. I have a real estate and architectural photography business here and very excited to now include drone work! 



I'm also hoping to learn more about mapping and inspection services offered through drone.






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Congratulations and good luck, website looks great. Get familiar with all the mapping software out there. The possibilities are endless in the mapping and inspection services. Reach out to commercial inspectors and home inspectors. I attached a picture of one of the biggest properties I mapped, 52 acres.


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Hi Ellyce, welcome to the forum.  

I really like your photography.  I spent about 18 months in Stonehaven, I had a great time.  

Definitely feel free to geek-out about cameras and drones here.  The majority of drones are used for aerial photography/cinematography by people who know very little about photography.  Geeking-out about photography in a drone forum would help those that are clueless about photography and they, in turn, would help you better understand the challenges of giving your photography wings.

Here's a thread I'd like to invite you to post some of your real estate photography.  I know its entitled "Property videos" but that's just the short-sightedness of the OP...  


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