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The biggest challenges that I’m currently facing consist of the following…

  • Waiting on my FAA 333 Exemption to finalize.
  • Pricing for my services… there is a lot of competitors in my local market that haven’t applied for their Exemption and don't have insurance that are charging next to nothing for Aerial Services.
  • When hiring PIC & Operators what would be considered fair payment for their work as hired contractors and/or employees?


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Love the graphic!   I'm having the same challenges with price points and I hope you get a lot of feedback and suggestions on this!  Would you be willing to share your site or price points?  Jon

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Hey there @GryphonUAV, thanks for posting!

Couple of thoughts:

  • If you don't have many competitors in your local market offering the kind of service you are, what about widening your search to other cities in your state? Or to other similar markets? As an example, if I was an sUAS company in Nashville, I might also look at how people are pricing their services in Memphis, Chattanooga, Knoxville. I'd ALSO look in (seemingly) similar markets like St. Louis, Indianapolis, Birmingham, etc.
  • I've talked to a number of companies that hire PICs for $15-$20/hour. There are 600,000+ licensed pilots in the U.S., many of them interested in breaking into the drone industry. Not only would working with you help them increase their # of logged hours, but with proper training and expectation setting, they're picking up a valuable skill set and maybe making a modest income in the process. Of course, hopefully we hear more in June about this pilot license requirement being replaced with an easier option.
  • Check out my response to @Jim Brammer about folks operating without insurance / 333 exemption in your area. 

Hope this helps! Keep your thoughts and questions coming...

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