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Nice work on the new look. If you are going with music it needs to be at a volume level that does not override the lecture. From 0:28 onward it was alright, but IMO should have the volume of the music reduced a bit more. And then it becomes a distraction because are you going to focus on the lecture or the music. So the final vote for what it's worth is no to the music.

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If you're looking on "sexing" up your tutorials you should check out Martha King, you could get a perm like hers...

I joke but probably every private, instrument or commercially rated pilot who got their endorsements in the past 30 years knows who she is.  Adding motion graphics and live video examples would go much further in making your tutorials more interesting. 

Don't get me wrong, I think you do a great job of organizing and breaking the required information down into manageable bite-size portions but it could use more graphics and live action video to make it move a little quicker.

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13 hours ago, Steve Bennett said:

Perhaps on the initial opening sequence, background music might fit, but once school is in session, I would prefer to have the music fade to black.

Now there is an option! And for the opening sequence Enter the Sandman....or maybe not. We do prefer you stay awake throughout the lesson.

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