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I started a drone company 6+ years ago in New Mexico.  I am lucky enough to have been able to break into the closed set film and TV production world with my two partners.  This occurred due to timing and being the first on our area to specialize in this.  If we started now, we would not be where we are at.  It was a bit easier to break in the scene as an early adopter, but the door is a very narrow entry now.  You have to pretty much be established in the industry to get in. 

I Built several different kit systems and modified them to handle variety of payloads, back when a 5.2K RAW camera the size of a baseball, that comes in as a good second to the Alexa for drone work never existed.  My background is in Electrical Engineering and Aviation.  I soled a glider at 15, got my first private pilot ticket at 17, followed by my single engine add-on a year later just after graduating High School.  I commissioned in the Air Force in 2003, went to Joint Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance, AFB in Oklahoma.  My first assignment was flying a KC-135 R/T and became an Aircraft Commander, military speak for being the Captain of the plane.  I went and flew big UAS in the form of the MQ-1 B until separating from the Air Force.  I have 2200 hours of Jet time and hold Commercial Multi-Engine Land Cert with an Instrument rating and couple jet Type ratings.

I operate drones under Part 91 rules until the end of the year with the 333.  I got my 107 the easy way.  I am an advanced ground school instructor working on my CFI whenever I can get time to finish it.  Those plans maybe on hold as I opportunity to go into a Part 121 flying job for an Airline, which I am seriously considering and do the drone stuff on the side as needed while my business partners continue to make money.  The airline biz is starting to look very attractive again.  

I have very good strong basis of knowledge for the Part 107 and the Section 336 for aeromodelers.  Because of this I am in the process to be one of the first FAA Safety Team members in my area for sUAS's.

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