Yuneec Typhoon H

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I'm posting here because I couldn't seem to generate an answer under the specific manufacturer section.

My question is related to the Yuneec Typhoon H and let me ask this humbly as it may be a silly question.

The Typhoon H - does it or does it not require trimming while in flight? I ask this because NO review or operational video discussing the 'H' itself or the ST16 Controller ever mentions trimming this vehicle.

I don't think the ST16 even provides tabs to allow trimming. Is this because of its 'hex' configuration?

Anyway, I ask in the name of trying to educating myself on this system as part of my possible future purchase research.

Thank you in advance and Clear Skies!

Bill L.

In Okla.


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I looked it up.  There is no trim on the H.  I don't know that I have ever needed it.  if it drifts, I usually re calibrate the compass and that usually takes care of that.  I believe you  can go into the control settings pretty deep and adjust there if you needed to.  I like my H.

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