any suggestions for mid-level drone purchase?

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My goal is to eventually end up with a Mavic (or whatever competitor is around by the time I do my next overseas trip).  But for right now, I am happily learning the ins and outs of flying drones.

I started with a first drone of a Holy Stone 120, as it was the least-expensive drone that got decent reviews, was inexpensive, and had FPV

After a few hiccups getting the FPV to work, I am very happy with the 120.  Easy to fly, reliable, etc.

BUT . . .

-Only 80 yards max range

-Okay 2 mb camera

-about 8 minutes flight time

But for about $80 USD, not a bad starting drone at all.  And Amazon included a free set of Goggles, to get a more immersive experience.


I'd be happy to pay twice that, for a drone with the following...

-a much better camera (certainly at least 4-5 Mb, if not more)

-a much longer wireless range (at least 200 yards, if not longer)

-a battery that could give longer flight-times


Right now, you can get a full warranty refurbished DJI Phantom 3 for $400.  And that is a really high-quality drone.  So, I could not imagine paying over $200 for what I'm looking for (above) in terms of "above beginning range, but definitely not high-quality" specs.  Are there any drones in this middle range?  Or should I just pony up the extra 200-250 bucks and get the refurbished Phantom 3?


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For your price range (around $200) I found the Parrot AR drone 2.0 to be the best. You can checkout my detailed comparison of it right here

But to give you the summary, it does have a much better camera which shoots 720p HD with a decent wide FOV and you can get one with a GPS receiver.

Also the flight time is way longer than 8 minutes :)


But if you are willing to pay more for a DJI Phantom 3 that would of course be a better option. but what I would do is actually get a DJI Spark which now costs $450 at Amazon.

Luckily I also have a comparison of the DJI Spark Vs the Phantom 3 here .



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