Hello from Golden, Colorado

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Hey everyone, names Oatis but I go by Odie. I'm a Colorado native with a degree in Criminal Justice and Criminalistics, however I have been in the photography industry for 20 years (portrait and commercial). I debated the pros and cons of diving into the aerial aspect of photography since the being in of this year, doing research on various drones that would fit my budget, learning curve, and profitably to add to my existing business. A very tedious and time consuming chore. After much back and forth debate, watching hours of Youtube videos and reading forums/websites I purchased my Phantom 4 Pro in July. Since then, after watching more videos, doing more research, (and finally getting the nerve to take my first flight a few weeks later) I have put in a hand full of flights.

Now, the process of obtaining my part 107 license for commercial services begins. I do have to say that I am very impressed with UAV Coach's presentation of curriculum for test preparation and one of the reasons I decided to join this group. Keep up the good work! My next step will be to enroll and schedule my study days in between shoots and hopefully connect with a few local or traveling UAV pilots.

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