Sound mapping drones


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A very quick Google search turns up a number of articles where there are studies of the noisy drones and some mapping of where they go, etc.

I'm thinking that if the noise of the drone itself could be filtered out electronically or mechanically, it would be very useful to have sound-mapping equipment carried by a drone.  This would be particularly useful for search and rescue operations where cries for help could be pinpointed.  No visuals can do this job.  I could imagine people who carry emergency whistles on hikes could be found by such a drone.  Maybe dual visual-sonic mapping would be possible.  

Another idea is to use such a service for realtors.  Some people like me like to live in a quiet neighborhood.  I sure would like to know what sounds I would be subjected to when I move to a neighborhood.  For one thing, builders tend to hide railroad tracks behind a layer or two of trees, and until people move there, they have no idea that the train comes roaring through at 4 a.m.  Or trucking or emergency vehicles.  Any noise maker.  

Does anyone have any thoughts or perhaps even have experience with this idea?


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