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DJI M600 Complete Package - Price Reduced

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I am moving and need to sell this platform. The price has been reduced to $6,500.00 and the shipping can be split, I will entertain serious reasonable offers, shoot me a reply!!

This unit is a solid platform and easy to fly, if you have flown other DJI products (Phantom or Inspire) you will find this as easy or easier to fly than those and this unit has less than 1 hour on it. I started my business focusing on construction inspection and engineering surveys, but life has pulled me in a different direction so I am selling my equipment. If I didn’t have to sell, I wouldn’t, the package includes the following:

- 1 DJI Matrice 600

- 1 Matrice Controller

- 4 sets of TB47S batteries (24 total)

- 4 100W Power Adapters/chargers with AC Cables

- 1 DJI Lightbrige 2 - Ground Unit

- 1 Run Cam Owl Plus FPV camera

- 1 Smart Powercharge SPCM100+ deep cycle battery charger

- 2 Controller Lanyards

- 3 USB to micro USB cables

- 1 Go Professional - DJI Matrice 600 Travel Case


- 1 Ronin MX

- 2 Ronin Batteries

- 1 Ronin Battery charger

- 1 Ronin Controller

- 1 Sony IR cable (allows the Sony camera to be triggered remotely)

- 1 Remote start/stop unit (used to remotely start/stop video, and trigger the camera)

- 1 Carry Bar

- 1 Ronin Stand

- 1 Custom Pelican 1560 hard case for the Ronin

The pictures can be found here. My storage device takes a minute or two to load. Since these pictures were taken, the Matrice was assembled and test flown twice. Everything works great, just getting out of the drone business.

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On 10/21/2017 at 10:21 AM, Roger Petersen said:

Hi. I'm not familiar with the camera. Do you have more specifics about this?



The ronin he mentions is a super sweet steadycam setup favored by many professional videographers.

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Alan,  This is the second advert I've looked at that has been sold.  I think you really need to do something to either have these removed or flagged as sold or moved to an archive section.  This just makes sense.  If it's up to the post-er, you need to find a way to overcome that.  Thanks.

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