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Hello everyone... First time poster... 

Are there any forum members who are involved in precision agriculture?? An evolving segment of my business is farm data management, including UAS gathered data, and I am interested in everyone opinion regarding the frequency of drone flights over planted fields. What stages of crop development need to be imaged?  Do you image immediately following a weather event? In short, if you are the drone service provider for a farmer, when specifically do you go fly his field???  

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Hello RealWindAerial. Welcome.

I have been involved in agriculture most of my life - precision in regard to livestock genetic optimisation and AI breeding programmes but not yet in terms of remotely sensed data utilisation. Precision agriculture is a very broad term so please elucidate. 

First question is what sort of farm data management are you referring to and what pre-existing experience do you have of agriculture and in which sector? The fact that you're asking about flight frequencies and stages of growth suggest that your experience is limited, but please do correct me if I'm wrong.

Second question is more of a suggestion, that you check out the following thread and add to the discussion there. Agriculture has a lot of potential but also an equal measure of hurdles.   

I look forward to hearing more. 

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