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Hi all,

I'm a Flight Instructor and Aerospace/Aviation Technology Teacher in the Dallas TX area.  We are putting together a sUAS career track at our High School.   We are a Career Technology Education (CTE) High School with many career pathways and Aerospace is mine:D

This program is very new.... 9th & 10th grade so far and I'm starting to put together the direction of the program.   I can see from all the different threads on the forum there are more ways to take this than I'd originally imagined and still growing.  One of the first things I'd like to do is start a FPV racing team, I've read about a few schools here in Texas that race drones.   Other things would be aerial photography/videography, news, film-making and 3D mapping & engineering.

Thanks for being here, I think you'll be seeing a lot of questions from me.


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@B Ervin Welcome to the community forums.  We hope that you find a lot of good information here.  Feel free to search for questions in the forum and if you don't find the exact question you're looking for, pose your own. There are a wide range of experience levels in here, but everyone is willing to share their experience and opinions.

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Hey Bill, you may be interested in this YouTube segment for a STEM education event that we supported in a rural area of Colorado.  It's a long video segment (just linking to the segment on drones) and I'd encourage you to take the time to watch the other pieces. 

My former aviation battalion was even featured in this STEM event.  Eads has a population of a few hundred people, so to have this much turn out for it was pretty awesome.  Good luck in your STEM program.  Let me know if there is anyone I can put you in touch with to share lessons learned.




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