UAS Intergration Pilot Program

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This program could potentially lead to state governaments and local municipalities to impose their own regulations and laws for UAVs.  One particular aspect of this program is lowering our maximum operating altitude down to 200ft AGL.  The other issue is this could also generate a patchwork of regulations to that we must follow in order to operate legally or at all.  Right now we only deal with the FAA imagine having to keep up with regs and laws state to state town to town.  The more UAV pilots that know and get involved the better.  

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I listened to the preliminary webinar on Friday.  I believe that this is more about proposals by state and local gov't combined with industry to put forth projects that actually push the boundaries beyond what the FAA is currently allowing with current part 107 regs. (without a waiver). 

For example. Beyond visual line of sight and flying over people were specifically mentioned as type of projects that were of interest.

I don't think any of us are interested in a mish-mash of airspace regulations.  But I don't think this is what this is about.  Maybe others in here have greater insight into this.

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Yes, that's it.  One interesting thing is that the application to the FAA has to be submitted by a State or local gov't body, or a tribe.  I'm not sure what the motivation of that aspect is.  In probably all cases, I would suspect that the industry or entrepreneurial partner will be the driver.  But the FAA wants the business entity to partner with a gov't body and the gov't body to be the applicant.  Seems odd and out of character with how the rest of the UAS integration is proceeding.

Perhaps the experiments are to be 2 fold.  The project itself (bvlos for example).  And, letting the gov't body be the oversight rather than the FAA directly.  It seems odd to me.

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