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Hi everyone,

Submitting my aerial video edit.

I have used FCPX for editing with some transitions and callouts from Motionvfx.

It was edited in 4K30p buy final upload is in 1080p.

This was my first full edit (currently working on more) in which I wanted to try various transitions and callouts.

I chose simple uplifting soundtrack for this project due to a fact it is pleasing.

Purpose of this video is to show some of the "spots" around the local park.

Last but not least, I have to say that the editing, color grading and pretty much all aspects of aerial footage editing is not the easiest task but it sure is one of the coolest!

I welcome all comments,critique and suggestions.

Thank you!


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Pretty cool vid, I like the music.  The titling was good too, love the parallax effect (where the title sticks to a point and tracks it as the frames drift).

It looks as though you had some tough lighting that day, as silver skies can be the hardest to show color and detail without being too blown out.  Kudos for making the best of it!

Only constructive advise I could give would be to knock your exposure down to -.03 next time, and bring up the darker tones in post.  This way your sky will show a bit more of the highlight detail, especially on a silver sky day like that one.

Nice work, thanks so much for sharing, and let's see some more!


Warmest Aloha,


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Hi Jonathon ,

Thank you very much for watching my video and the advice! I really appretiate it!

You're right, that particular day the sky didn't cooperate at all.

I really tried to "fiddle" with exposure in post but when one part of the same clip was exposed correctly the other would be either under or overexposed.

But I still had a blast doing it and can't with for the winds calm down this week to get more flight time and footage to work with!

Once again Thank you!

Greetings from Florida!


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  • 2 weeks later...


Again, sorry for the delay in response. I thought I fixed notifications on the forum but it appears I still do not get an email when these posts are put up by students.

This is actually a very nicely done edit! The music is a perfect pick, the footage is crisp and clean, the transitions are nice and the motion tracked titles are awesome. Below are my few comments.

1.) A couple of clips especially towards the end, don't seem to match in color and white balance with the rest of the shots. It is not too off but it is noticeable.

2.) There were one or two horizons that were slanted. You can use the transform tool to straighten these out, and then don't forget to use the crop tool after that to zoom in a little to make up for the small black spaces that will exist on the edges of the frame after rotating the image.

3.) Great placement of your logo in the bottom of the frame and awesome job on the motion animated logo at the end!!

4.) Some of the shots have slightly awkward/robotic like camera movements. This is the number one thing I always mention to students but it is the number one hardest thing to probably fix when flying a drone AND operating camera at the same time. It is something only practice will make you better at, but at the very least, if you do capture shots like this, might be best not to use them, or not use that part of the shot. This is especially important in videos mades for clients.

5.) Also love the title in the beginning and the blurred background with it, fading away slowly to reveal the actual first shot.

6.) Lastly, I might shorten up some of the clips to tighten up the whole edit. Some shots do feel a little bit long to watch.

Keep up the good work because if this is your first full length edit with the transitions and callouts you say, I can't wait to see what you show us all next!


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Thank you Christian,

I absolutely agree with the pointed suggestions! 

I know some clips had white balance off, were little longer than they should’ve been and then some of the camera moves are somewhat noticeable.

Definitely need practice in both camera/drone coordination and improvements in editing.

That’s what makes this hobby/profession so interesting. The challenges and the excitement of the final product.

Can’t wait to share more !


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