Autonomous Killer Drones ?

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What a load of crap.  This is utter fear mongering.  

It's obviously produced really well, but this is far from a reality.  They guy says nothing can stop them, how about a 2mph breeze!?  

This is a problem with online where they can produce and say anything they like totally out of context of reality, and then other organizations pick up on it as though its fact.  

There's an organization out there willing to spend this amount of money to produce this video...

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Chuck, emphasis on the first line "What a load of crap".   But frankly, right from the beginning it's obvious that it's crap.  We've all seen this type of nonsense before regarding many diferent types of information and many of us know how to identify it immediately.  This one is blatant!  But stupid, to say the least.  There's enough stupidity in this country right now - we don't need more stupid people adding to more stupid stupidity from stupid people.  Did I say stupid?

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