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The NODE group solicited me to join. It looked like a good source of info so I signed up to receive emails from them. I received an email detailing the NODE group is defeating Cities writing law to require permits to fly drones in there cities. This is good right? We don’t want cities to basically tell us to pay them eveytime we want to fly. So I sent NODE an email with two cities around me with drone permit requirements. They said “Thank you for this info it is ridiculous and we will look into it’. Here is the funny (strange) part. The lady’s name that sent the email also gave her job title with NODE, and the fact that NODE is a DJI organization. The address given was Washington DC. NODE must be a lobby group for DJI in our capital. 

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DJI is an enigma. 

I can see DJI's willingness to get involved with regulatory issues but they appear to be doing it as a means to regulate out competition and for purely political reason.  If there doing it for more altruistic reason they have failed to make that case.

This is what led to the military ban on DJI in the first place.  The backlash to this sort of meddling into another counties regulatory affairs for the sake of marketshare is going to have a disastrous effect on them in the commercial market.

So on one hand I think their stupid for doing what their doing, on the other, good on them for doing it, no other organization in the US is stepping up and taking on this issues.  

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