In what industry do you use UAVs?  

  1. 1. In what industry do you use UAV's?

    • Mining
    • Cadastral survey
    • Construction
    • Urban planning
    • Condition survey
    • Other

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Dear UAV Coach community,

In Geoscan we develop multidimensional spatial data visualization system – Sputnik GIS. It is a great tool for viewing and analyzing wide range of UAV survey results.

Here is areas of applications of Sputnik GIS: mining, urban planning, road construction and maintenance, oil and gas, emergency management, condition survey and more.

We are glad to present you a new version of Sputnik 1.3. In this version, we improved TLS rendering algorithm and released new features.  Please check out the list of improvements and innovations below.

1.       TLS rendering – the speed of rendering along with detail level increased, high FPS is maintained. The chance of coarse objects (LOD) appearing during model rotation is reduced.

2.       Close to wall navigation is improved – we added first person camera mode and keys combination to move along vertical axis of object

3.       Export part of TLS model – we added tool to export interested part of TLS model to OBJ, 3DS and DAE. For DAE and 3DS formats, backward compatibility with Sputnik is implemented

4.       WMTS support – support for WMTS maps is supported in new version. Now you can use MapBox styles in Sputnik

5.       OC3 and LAS support – now it is available to view OC3 (Photoscan point cloud format) and LAS ( Lidar)

6.       WMTS support   along with support of WMS services, Sputnik 1.3 supports WMTS services. Thanks to this innovation, you can use the maps you created on the Mapbox service.

7.       Color palettes – from new version it is available to style raster maps in *.geotiff format

8.       Photo selection – people use Sputnik for

You can download Sputnik 1.3 using this link -

Read more about Sputnik GIS 1.3 in our blog -


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Hi Av8Chuck!

Pix4D, ContextCapture and  PhotoScan are photogrammetry software products.

Sputnik is 3D Globe with support of 3D data and GIS/CAD functionalities - it is visualization and analysis software. 

Please check out the list of main features to understand the differences between Sputnik GIS and photogrammetry software:

Measuring functionalities

-Linar measurements, area calculation, volume calculation, volume diference, kriging interpolation, grid creation

- DEM triangulation, section and cross section generation,  section comparing, contour generation, slope map generation

Intagration with other GIS


-WMTS support

Urban planning:

- Agisoft Tiled Model(*tls) format support  allows to work with 3D model of whole city.

- *.dae and *.3ds support   gives an ability to embed the models of new buildings to existing landscape

- creating of video tours  to present projects

Sputnik GIS supports: *.kml, *geotiff, *tls, *oc3(Agisoft point cloud), *las

Survey results can be exported to *.shp and *.dxf files.


In the family of Sputnik porducts there are also:

Sputnik Agro - have a features for NDVI calculation, waterflow calculation and more

Sputnik PTL - system for power transmition line

Sputnik WEB - web based GIS platform


If you have more questions about Sputnik feel free to ask!

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