Phantom 5 Image Leaked

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DJI forum support, Tahoe Ed, had this to say.  Apparently the craft in the picture exists but is not a P5.   Well this was a short topic!



That is a China market only craft produced for power line inspections by DJI. As far as I know there is no Phantom 5 or any plans to bring this to the International market.


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That's true!

 DJI's "toy" drones are working well for me flying over construction sites.  Lens options would be nice though without the expense or even size of the inspire. 

A smallish y6 that carries a decent camera that I could hook  an Emlid Reach to would be very interesting though.  Know anyone who could build something like that? ;)

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We're trying, but we've been inundated with work from utilities as a service provider.  


Here's one, not sure how many people would need but we're working on a generator drone to lift a 9.5 pound payload between 7500-10,000MSL for an hour.  Not sure we'll get there but we're learning a ton.

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Woow!! nice image. DJI has come to new drone called DJI PHANTOM V PRO  we are expecting it gonna be released this year April or September.  But, there are quite a lot of rumours about this drone. This newly drone was pushed back due to various reasons. However, there are rumours about the Phantom 5 and its stunning features. It has been updated to new speed and height. Phantom V is very fast when it comes to height because it can ascent at 6 meters in every 20 feet. Apart from the flying capabilities, there are the whole bunch of slots and connectivity options, i.e. micro USB and memory card slot. It is also rumoured to be fasted drone in the phantom line-up because of the advanced propellers.

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