Anyone (still) Flying The Hubsan X4 Pro??


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Yes, I still fly this Hubsan quad and up until recently it has performed well, give or take.

Recently, it has begun initiating a serious and sudden wobble in flight out of the blue.

While flying in Altitude Hold mode, the quad will take off and hover at 10-15 feet just fine (not really willing to go much higher at this point) then, it sounds like one of the motor(s) will accelerate (wind up) and shortly after that the crazy wobble begins.

It is very repeatable happening during every flight now. It will also (while hovering) initiate a sudden 90 degree yaw to the right, all on it's own!?!?

I'm thinking I have a failing/erratic motor or ESC.

I realize that there may only be a few (if any) still flying the model but, any thoughts on this issue (even if it's that I should bite the bullet and upgrade) would be greatly appreciated.

Clear Skies,

Bill L., in Okla.

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