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I find Bruce's rants interesting and informative so I thought I post his latest one here where he talks about a whole bunch of stuff - New EU and UK drone regs, birds vs drone crashing into manned aircraft tests, Amazon will take over airspace for their delivery service, drones that explode, etc.....



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Yes we are now on the cusp of being regulated in the UK and as we are still part of the EU it’s been decided until we officially leave we will be subject to its laws with no say or actual input either. 

But tbh looking at the method of calculation of weight and speed that does make some sense, let’s look at this from a worst case point of view being hit in the head or face even by a foam aircraft at 50kmph is going to cause some damage, a 250 carbon quad could easley kill so while I’m no fan of EU governance their is some logic here.  


Interesing times ahead on this, as usual the UK government will be reactive than proactive though. 


Allways good to hear Bruce on these things though he is a good guy.  

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