iPad mini 4 use with mavic

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The lack of GPS on the Wi-fi models is only an issue of you want to use the dynamic homepoint feature, it’s handily to be able to have live access in the field but with phones these days it’s very easy to tether and share a connection.   


On the the Mavic I mostly used my IPhone tbh so if you have a phone you can use from time to time for the dynamic feature then you could save some cash and go for the Wi-fi one  or get more storage and that’s always a bonus. 

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 without Wi-Fi, you can do everything except using the Follow Me flight mode or reset the home point to your current location. So if the iPad mini 4 is wifi only, you will be able to use all the flight modes.  But if it's cellular, Only the flight modes available. It's up to you. Maybe you can try other cellular iPad models, your iPad will also have a GPS receiver. With GPS on your iPad, you'll be able to use the Follow Me flight mode and reset the home point to your current location.

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