Best you tube video starting as new Mavic Pro owner?

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Not sure about which YouTube video to watch but it’s a MAVIC, probably the easiest drone there is to fly. 

Don't over think it.  Search this forum regarding learning to fly, it does not have to be MAVIC specific advice, the fundamentals are the same for all multirotors.   Charge the battery, find a large open space with no one around and learn by doing. 

I think watching a “few” how-to videos is a good idea but you probably don’t need to spend that much time.  

The sooner you get it into the air the sooner you get over the oh-sh&t factor, start learning and have the a breat time.  Just stay away from EVERYTHING and don’t get overconfident and fly to far or too high and have fun.

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Located 100 miles north of New York City in rural area. 

Thousands of Land Conservancy Protected acres in area so hawks, Eagles ( too many Canadian Geese) all hang out here. 

Not to mention an occasional Helicopter ( not permitted yet land anyway) fun stuff obeying laws watching for predators and avoiding trees. 

Great fun really - just a kick flying the Mavic

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Pretty much this craft sorts it’s self out, take some time to learn all of the setting and especially test the RTH and failsafe options and take the time to learn their exact behaviour, many issues come from what people believe the craft should do compared to what it actually does especially if your in a sticky situation.

Test the RTH feature and make sure you understand how to turn it on and more importantly off when it’s already happening and overall just take it slow and get used to it, ot als has come limitations close to the HP too that need to be taken into account at times.  

Taking the time now could be the difference between getting your craft back and loosing it if the worst case happens. 

On the Mavic it’s self is take it easy on the new batteries try to not fly them below 50% for the first 10 flights it just seems to help with hem holding capacity over time, no great need to update the firmware out the box but if you do want to do it just ask or DJI have some good tutorials on this now as do others.  

Finally out the box setup I would calibrate the Radio Controller and the craft compass, do not do the IMU as that’s done at the factory, on the compass do this at a location well away from any metal or electric cables, in the middle of a large open area is ideal but also make sure you have no metal or things like smart watches on your person when you do it as well and then you should not need to calibrate it again unless promoted by DJI Go, also if you travel over 10km recalibtate agan too but tbh I have found upto 100 mile my self is ok but every situation is different.   


Finally the Mavic footage tends to benefit from +1 on the sharpness in camera settings and as the camera hands very loosely the key to great footage is slow smooth actions.  


Finally enjoy its a fantastic little craft. 

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Wow great reply many thanks

womder if my Wilkie talkie I use clipped to vest could interfere with any signals  used for me and my spotter. ( referring to your interference comment)

Any experience using filters to improve pictures and video?

one last question  any advice on cold weather flying  I understand batteries on both mavic and iPad mini all drain quickly  

dji says fly above 32 degress  hard to do in NY in Winter 


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On the filters there are many available, I recently tested some Freewell 4K Series ones to test and was very happy with them,plenty of reviews on YT of them as well as my own, some people reported some colour shift with them in the passed but I have not noticed any my self yet, you also have all the usual suspects like Polar Pro, you won’t go far wrong with either tbh. 

On the battery the Mavic won’t arm when the pack temperature is below 15C, ideal temp is 20-30c and basically if you take off between 15c and 20c then just hover a minute or two until it gets to 20, it won’t take long. 
Ideally try to keep the packs warm between charging and getting to the flight site, don’t let them chill as cold is a killer for all batteries, in general try to always fly a freshly fully charged battery, don’t fly a partly charged pack unless you have previously flown it that day from 100% and then be a little careful as once a pack had been used a bit and allowed to rest the remaining capacity can change rapidly and in rare cases miss report but this has mostly been solved with the Mavic now.  
Finally I set my discharge timer for 3 days so if you forget to use them or the weather changed they they self discharge to below 65% for you, don’t ever fly once this has started though, and also note that pressing the power button to check the capacity will reset this timer so if you set it to 3 days and checked it ever 2 it would not self discharge, it will get a little warm when it does so you can generally tell when it’s started.
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Yea that would be great, Done meets are rare in my area, sadly the local clubs pretty much think we are evil and have destroyed everything, just not welcome at all sadly so it’s mostly a solo hobby. 

The Mavic is a great craft and I still don’t get over the fact you can carry a decent camera (yes modern smart phone equivalent) that can fly in a bag the same size as a low end DSLR,  it’s not perfect and it’s got some quirks but overall probably the best Drone they have made overall, can’t comment on the Spark only flown one for a few minutes but not got to live with one but put the Mavic in sport mode and while it’s no racer it’s quick enough to get into trouble with as they all are.



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