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James Portale

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Great to see all the interest in what is certain to become a vital business. Aerial photography is important to Real Estate. I am the owner of Ocean Discounts. This is a full featured UAS and we offer inexpensive drone opportunities for anyone interested. For Realtors, the final cost is passed to the seller and collected at closing. There are no out of pocket expenses for the agent. Every flight is continent upon a site evaluation and weather conditions. See our website for more information:  www.ocean-discounts.com 


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There’s quite a few threads about drones and real estate in this forum.  Here’s one with a lot of examples:  

We don’t make a living doing property videos but we do quite a few of them.  We’ve found that realtors won’t pay nearly what it takes to produce quality content, we’re relitively expensive so the homeowner always pays us directly. But what we were also told, and I’m not sure if this depends on the area your in (we’re in California) that there was no way to be paid out of escrow.  



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