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We're Growing!!!



Kino Cinematics is growing and on-boarding pilots throughout the US.  Several states already have dedicated pilots and others are in the process...what exciting times.  Once all territories are filled we will not take on any more pilots.  Check out our map HERE.  We are looking for engaging, personable candidates that love drones and all things aviation. Any flying and video experience is a plus, because you will need to represent Kino Cinematics.

Our pilots need the following qualifications:

  • Must FAA Part 107 Certified

  • Must be able to work on weekends

  • Currently own a Phantom 3, a Phantom 4, or an Inspire

  • Are engaging, personable, and have a love for drones and all things aviation!

  • Prior customer engagement a plus

Kino Cinematics is about to launch a national marketing campaign targeting specific areas and we need drone pilots who are very knowledgeable in drone real estate photography and videography.  We strive to provide our client with world-class drone service, and because of that, ensure that only the best of the best are chosen as Kino Cinematics drone pilots.

***NOTE***  Territories are limited, so make sure to get your name on our list to be interviewed as it will be a first come - first serve basis.

Kino Cinematics will provide our real estate clients with a local drone real estate pilot that will handle all they drone photography and videography needs.  Kino Cinematics handles all customer acquisition, customer inquiries, customer purchases, and schedules all the jobs for our drone pilots, which includes the booking of a location, accepting payment and submission of final product to the client.  We train each and every drone pilot on our system, go over all client documents that must be gathered and completed before beginning each flight for each job location, and we ensure that the client receives their final approved purchase. New drone pilots are trained on Kino Cinematics process and procedures, effective presentation skills, and industry knowledge. All this is done to ensure a successful career of drone piloting!

Our goal is to help our drone pilots to be successful in a career with our company.  Interested pilots should click HERE and complete the information required for us to begin the interview process and see if you qualify.


Kino Cinematics Team 

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12 hours ago, Kino Cinematics said:

Kino Cinematics Team

Would a pilot be considered an employee of your company, an independent contractor or should they establish a LLC ?.



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Hi Spitfire76,

Please fill out our form and one of our representatives will go over the details with you.  You would be a subcontractor specific to your area.  Once you sign up the area is yours and we mark it filled.  What area are you considering?


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