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My name is Jillian, an Architectural Designer at Urban Architecture Lab in Los Angeles.  I have 7 or so years of experience in the CGI industry; rendering vehicles, airplanes, shoes, and most recently new mixed-use buildings in Los Angeles.

I have begun to fly a Phantom 4 Pro for our proposed sites.  Rendering our 3D building designs on top of the drone footage, camera tracked and composited in After Effects.  (I have one example linked in the gallery.  Yes, the building flickers - low render settings due to time constraints. (one week delivery)  Typical right.  I'll re-render it someday.

I'm excited to peruse through this community's vault of work.  (Especially the gorgeous photography / retouching examples.)  

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Happy flying!


Jillian Cece

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Hi Jillian, welcome to the forum.

I own Aerial Alchemy and we're located in Thousand Oaks.  In my Life Before Drones [LBD] We sold a company I Co-Founded to Apple that developed composting software where much of that technology found its way into FCPX [magnetic timeline, tracking, color correction etc..] I was also president of the US subsidiary of a small 3D software company called Side Effects, we developed Prisms and later Houdini, so I'm fairly well versed in 2D Compositing and 3D modeling.   

That's actually what caught my attention in the commercial drone industry.  Its not about the drone, its about how to make the data it collects actionable.  Its about the transformation from analog to digital and how to manage the huge amount of data that represents and the transition from 2D to 3D and the role drones might play in that.

We're focused mostly on creating technology to produce accurate 3D models for the AEC market.  We're beginning to have success with blending NADIR and Oblique photogrammetry as well as blending photogrammetry with LiDAR.  

I'm sure there's quite a few other companies trying the same sorts of things differently.  This is an exciting time to be in this market especially for someone who has what could be considered in this industry to be cross discipline experience.  Any 15 year old can fly a drone but figuring our how to collect accurate data and then what to do with is where the special sauce is.  

Besides, when your rendering you can go outside and fly around.  The best of both worlds...   


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