Flying over sand dunes

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Another nice video.  What drone are you using?  

The thing to pay attention too in videos is the content. In your other video around the castle you had some great aerial along with ground shots that revealed something about yourself and what the viewer would assume was your family.  You told a story without saying a word.  

You don’t have that in this video.  That’s OK not every video needs to but if the only perspective in the video is aerial then you need to make sure it’s as good as you can make it.  Your exposure and composition are good but the horizon appears to drift quite a bit.  There’s not much you can do about it other than cheat it one way or the other in post.  

I didn’t notice the horizon in the video about the castle in part because I was paying more attention to the subject of the video which was your family.  In this video the subject is the aerial.  

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Hi, thanks for watching and for the constructive commentary. It is true what you say about the story. I do try to make more of the type of videos of mixing ground and aerial footage as I find it creates a more dynamic experience for the viewer.

In this particular video, I didn't have anyone to film and also my DSLR was being repaired :).

The horizon on this one was though. I calibatred the gimbal before the flight, seemed to be ok, but it was very windy at the altitude that I was flying, I think that contributed to some of the drift. I did compensate a little for that in post, by twisting the frame and cropping the shot a little bit, but it might still be visible in some shots.


On the castle hike aerials, if you look closely there's actually no horizon tilt, but there is a bit of wobbling / jello in some shots, that is because one of the gimbal shock absorbers broke during that flight while doing an orbit around the castle. I only noticed post flight, so tried hide those shots in the edit where they were most noticeable.

I'm using the DJI Phantom 3 Standard with manual exposure and all the rest are standard camera settings, I color correct and adjust the exposure in post, mostly to add a bit more contrast or warmth to the images.


Thanks for watching, let me know if you have any further questions / comments.

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