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Welcome to the forum.

Aren't you the manufacturer of this drone?  If so, that's fine but one of the goals of this forum is to help people figure out how to create profitable drone related businesses.  All multirotors are relatively easy to fly and good for beginners but how many of them float?

What are some of the applications your customers are using these drones for? How did Urban Drones become Urban Drones?  What kinds of challenges did you have to overcome to get to where you got?  How could I make money with your drones?  Most Podunk fire departments use Phantoms, you know where they use "WATER" to put out fires or have to fly in inclement weather to find someone, why aren't they using Splash drones that won't crash when you sneeze on them... 

This forum might not have as many users trying to figure out what ESC's, Props and motors to use together but if your an operator trying to figure out what drones mean to society, this is a great place to discuss issues relative to actually accomplishing something with drones and if you are the manufacturer of the Splash Drone it's  worth paying attention too.     

You have a great drone, this is a great forum - kind of like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups  "two great taste's that taste great together - I encourage you to tell us more about the Splash Drone besides that its easy to fly.

If  your not the Urban Drones that manufactures the Splash Drone, Oops.. 

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