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It’s really gotten to the point that all multirotors are easy to fly.  The choice of trainer probably comes down more to what environment you want to learn in and what your trying to learn.

If your stuck inside because of weather then a small Hubson type of drone is a good choice, Phantoms and even MAVICS are too big to learn to fly indoors.  The downside to these smaller drones is you can’t fly them outside if there’s any wind.  

If your learning outside then you can go with larger drones like the MAVIC or Phantom size drones.  You’ll want to turn off all of the sense-and-avoid type sensors so your flying the drone.  The downside to these larger drones is that their not well suited for learning indoors and they’re more expensive.  

Also keep in mind learning to fly is a bit of a vague term.  If all you want to do is learn primary flight control so that you can fly in any orientation then (provided you have the space) small indoor drones are great.  I don’t consider myself a good pilot, more of a competent pilot but I’m a very good aerial photographer.  What that means is that I almost always fly tail in and I fly slow and deliberate. So I know my limitations and as long as I stay within my personal minimums it makes me a safe pilot.  

I’d recommend starting with a less expensive indoor drone, go nuts and have fun.

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