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Beautiful video.

Curious what camera you used?  At times it has the appearance of a DJI X5 or a micro 4/3, other times the exposure is clipped in a way that would suggest a P3 or P4Pro.  If its a MAVIC its probably some of the best MAVIC footage I've ever seen.

Actually after watching it again it there's some compression artifacting happening where the water washes up on the beach that might suggest a smaller camera.

Sorry, I'm just pixel peeping and I enjoy figuring out how people do what they do when they do it well.

Nice job.

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Hello 'Av8Chuck':

Thanks for the compliments! Indeed it is 100% Mavic Pro footage. Any over-exposure is pilot/shooter error as I was new to my Polar Pro set at the time and I believe I used the ND8 filter when I probably could have gone with the ND16, especially when shooting those bright, white sale boats. I like to keep the ISO at 100, which was perfect for exposing the water and terrain features however. As you know - it's so tough to find a balance sometimes. In case you're interested, I shot the footage in D-Log and graded using a LUT from Ground Control's "Falcon" package.

Again, thanks so much for the feedback!

-Alex (follow me on Insta @majesticvideovt)

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