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Nice job @EP Lucas

The only real way to pixel peep these things is to use them.  That's a great comparison but your mostly comparing the camera from the AIR with the totally crap camera of the MAVIC.  So it could be much better than the MAVIC and still be crap.

Its 100 Mbps, Mega "bits" per second, Mega "bytes" would be a big B, a significant difference.  Also the faster bit rate does not mean the image is better.  Its still a tiny CMOS sensor with a crappy inexpensive lens, when your comparing bit rates, the bit bucket is "garbage in. garbage out."

I don't care if this camera is better.  If the deliverable for you footage is YouTube it great, if you want to use it for anything else its not going to compare favorably to an X5S with a quality glass lens.  

If this drone is half as reliable and as much fun to fly as a MAVIC its going to be a huge hit.  But I wouldn't characterize it as a film making tool.


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