Roy Beasley

A New 3DR Solo that can map in 3D

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Very interesting. 

A lot will come down to how good everything works together. 3DR had a big software advantage for a long time, it'd be nice to see them show their strength on it again.

It will be interesting to see how seamless the whole process is. If they are doing a high amount of overlap, it isn't going to upload to a server super quickly, especially if you're on a job site without a proper internet connection. 

I was in the middle of no where in WV today mapping, and could barely get enough of a signal to pull up a satellite map of the area, let alone upload a few gb of data. 

The seamless process is what you are paying for here, otherwise, I don't see it being worth the price tag currently? Unless it integrates all the other sensors they have't put out yet. 

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