Advice needed about traveling with charged batteries

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Hi all,

I am driving from San Francisco to San Diego next week (total travel nonstop is 10 hours).  On the way I plan to stop and fly my DJI P4Pfor personal use, so am driving with 6 charged intelligent DJI P4P  batteries.  My plan is to pack each battery separately In a foam, insulated jacket, and keep them out of the sun in a cool place.  

Does anyone have best management practices that include additional or other steps I should follow?  I also have a DJI car charger, but understand that it is very slow, so that is why I am driving with batteries that are fully charged. Thank you. Marty

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if you are driving, you have the unique opportunity to also use an inverter in your car's lighter socket.  i have a 400W one in my jeep.  i can plug in 2 household plugs and 2 usb's it will run off your car battery as you drive.  my jeep happens to have a power port that does not rely on ignition to be turned on, (of course I dont use that functionality for long durations... lol) but often as i drive.  i will upload a couple pics...

IMG_7558 (1).JPG

IMG_7557 (1).JPG

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