General and specific info about drone flying in Spain


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Hi guys, I need some answers, hopefully you'll be able to provide me with them!
What I'm looking for is general and specific info about drone flying in Spain:

1) if you are creating commercial videos, like we would our real-estate videos, and you use drone footage provided to you by someone who flew a drone recreationally, can you legally use that footage as part of your overall video without fear of penalty? 
2) What is the minimum you need to do to be legal to fly commercially (e.g. theory hours, practice hours, practical test and theory tests)?
3) Over and above number two - do you need to sit a specific test(s) to be certified?
4) If so, a)where can you sit those tests and b) what are the actual costs and c) when do the courses run?
5) Do they have any individuals who have qualified that hire themselves out to take drone videos for a fee and hopefully their contact details as we may go that route if it's too time consuming and too costly to get certified.

I would appreciate any valid and credible response to these questions!

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Hi Fjanev, let me try to answer your questions.

1. If the video you are using does contain any not allowed flight within yours, nobody is going to be able to separate your part from any third parties one. It means that at the end you publish it as it would be yours, so any illegal flight could be assumed as yours, and penalties would come directly to you. Be aware that penalties in Spain are coming directly from the government. It means that you don' have any option to defend yourself before paying up to 4,5 Mío. €, Yes 4,5. If you cannot pay the penalty amount which could also be only 100.000 € or 10.000 €, you'll loose any property you would have, and if not covering at all, jail is next. After paying you could disscus if you are guilty or not.

2. You need to become a UAV pilot. We call it Advanced Drone Pilot. The course is 60 theorical hours + 14 practical ones and it cost about 750€ where also including radiophony certification, and only an Authorised Training Organization (ATO) can train the pilot.

3. Already answered at #2 response

4. a) only at an ATO School. These schools are the ones training any JAR-FCL such as PPL, CPL, ATPL, SPL..

4. b) between 700€ and 1500€

4. c) on depending of each School. Mine is once per month

5. A pilot in Spain cannot fly unless he or her works for any operator, and of course any specialized operator can manage services as the one you do request for. Just to make it easier for you to understand this point, it is like if you would like to become an Airline Pilot and after passing the course and getting your FCL you get the Boeing 737 certification. You'll normally work for an airline having B737 within its fleet. This is the operator. The pilot by himself or herself cannot fly (commercially talking)


hope this helps



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