Long range/ wide area Inspections flying BLOS


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In case you need to monitor power lines, look for damage on oil pipelines, check border fences you are flying beyond line of sight often in areas without terrestrial networks, thus using satellite communication. Getting real time images or videos to the control center is a cost intensive situation.

Here our solution can help you save up to 99% of bandwidth and cost by only transmitting relevant content in high definition while sending standard content only in preview quality. In case of video it can be a reduced frame rate.

Check out the RAIDO Mission Critical Multimedia Communication Suite at http://www.raidosystem.com/ by http://www.ansur.no/


See here the video of our test case: Cobham AVIATOR UAV200 SatCom link via Inmarsat on a Nexus-II drone with RAIDO software on board: http://uav200.com/experience/#ansur-nexus-II-aviator-uav200







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