Waterproofing a drone

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Question for all.  Any thoughts on getting my drone waterproofed?  If it could be done where it didn't effect performance in any way would you do it?  Im thinking that it would be nice to have when Im trying to get that last job done and it starts to sprinkle or rain, it would be nice to be able to finish up knowing I wouldn't hurt the drone.



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we build a waterproof drone that takes off and lands in water.  the motors are fine to get wet, most ESC's are wrapped in shrink wrap and you can spray any exposed wires o CAP's with different types of chemicals that will make them waterproof.

You have to be a little more clever when it comes to the flight controller, Rx, video Tx etc to be able to ventilate the heat and you can't make it a completely watertight compartment because of the barometer.  You have to have a way to equalize the air pressure or it won't hold altitude.  

This is a fun example of waterproofing drones:



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