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@Kevin 24, the point of this discussion is about the extent of the recurrent test and the procedure the FAA will implement for cetificate holders to take that exam.  It is already quite clear from FAA that it will not be simply a retake of the Part 107 exam.  The areas covered on the recurrent exam have been listed before and they are less than the full exam.  Yes, I know the certificate (it's not a license) is valid for 2 years - we all know that.  So to reiterate, FAA has not indicated as yet how, where, when, how much, and the system by which current Part 107 Certificate holders will comply with the 2 year recurrent testing requirement.

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I agree @Av8Chuck with your first point - they may not have a plan in place.  And yes, the $150 again is the most likely scenario (doesn't go to them, just to the testing companies).  But I don't think it will be a full retake of the Part 107 exam.  they've made it clear it will be somewhat less than that.  I.E different exam; I.E. another $150. And that's why I predict massive non-renewals but not folks ceasing to fly.  I was apparently wrong about LAANC moving ahead on schedule (looks as if they are), but we'll see about this part of my 2018 predictions.

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