Anyone using Titan Cyclone or Atlas antennas?

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Any Inspire 2 pilots experiencing dropped video or control links? Not at all or never?

Sometimes high interference encountered when in high use 2.4GHz areas can become a problem. Most often the best use of the 2.4 or 5.8 freq and band settings capability of the I2 + Go 4 app for tuning your optimum connectivity as shown in this video will help cure the problem.

However if you want the very best in connectivity and absolutely no flying within VLOS autonomously initiated RTH scenarios, then these boosted antennas, the Cyclone or Atlas, from Titan Drones Inc. are providing excellent results on DJI drones.

Just wondering if anyone has some time spent using these with the Inspire 2? I'm considering getting one of these antennas and will keep you all posted if/when I do this controller upgrade.


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Interesting post, under what particular circumstance are you referring to?

Increased control connectivity would seem to me to be a positive aspect of these devices. And these systems do not exceed FCC power emission regulations. The fact that these boosted antennas provide increased control & video signals at extended ranges beyond VLOS is no different than flying beyond VLOS with the factory RC.

Please explain the context of your comment for clarification of what the "no no" situation is that you refer to.


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This is kind of the other side of the nanny state coin, people seem to assume that just because you can, you will.  Just because I have a car that goes 160mph doesn't mean that I'll drive it faster than the posted speed limit. ?

But like I said, this is a reasonable conclusion to make when you consider how on one hand DJI promotes how far you can control their drones but on the other does everything to prevent responsible people from flying in certain locations with the horrific implementation of GEO Fencing.

Although I don't agree with what @AvatarAir  said I get why he/she said it.  

I didn't watch the entire video you linked too, its nice to see someone do such a great job at explaining his theory, however, I stopped watching right after he said that video breakup and freezes are just part of using this technology.  Might be true with DJI equipment but not for non DJI equipment.  Although I think he might actually get into some of the effects of occlusion in the 2.4 and especially 5.8 bandwidth.

We're using both the Connex and a Chinese knock off that I'm sure must be violating some sort of nuclear test band treaty, but up to a range of about 2500ft we're not experiences the kind of issues that are being reported elsewhere about video performance.  DJI just needs to fix their screw ups. 

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