What $7M will buy you on Maui

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28 minutes ago, Av8Chuck said:

$1200 is pretty good.  How long did it take you to shoot?  

That tokina 11-16 is an awesome lens.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work on 5D3/4.

One full day for it all.  My son (22yrs old) shot the stills, while I ran around getting video.  We showed up in the morning, shot what we could, did the drone work, then broke for lunch & afternoon siesta.  Returned for an hour at sunset to tidy up.

I absolutely LOVE the Tokina.  It's been great for still photos.  Not so awesome on video because the lens seems to search for focus a LOT when on track-focus mode.  So, panning into a room, it goes sharp, fuzzy, sharp, fuzzy, sharp, fuzzy....  Super annoying.

Our next gear upgrade will be to a Sony a7r III + metabones adapter for Canon glass.  

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16 minutes ago, SadCadillac said:

Nice work. A little critique: found the auto-exposure on some of those overhead drone shots a little distracting - next time, I suggest you lock your exposure. Also, the environmentalist in me is saying: "Shut off those faucets!" Seriously though, no need to run them. For 7M, we will assume they work. Haha!

I can appreciate the critique, Mahalo for taking the time. It's true, the auto exposure adjustments on the top down shot from the house to the beach is a bit 'adjusty'. I'll keep the ae lock in mind on the next one-off which is just a few  days away.

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