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Hey Everybody,

I first launched my business in August in New Orleans and came out pretty strong. I did some work for a local newspaper and for a production company in LA. But since December I have not had a service gig. Louisiana's winters are very short so I can't chalk it up to weather. Recently I have been running Facebook ads but I have not received anything traction yet. I have done the whole reach out through email marketing that has yielded me nothing in months. 

So I just want to ask the community, what strategies or tactics do you all use to attract clients? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

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Have your realtor buddy set you up in the MLS as if you were shopping for homes in the X price range and X miles from where you live.  You will start getting daily listings that are brand new and match your search criteria.  Find the listing agents of those homes and congratulate them on their recent new listing.  This works very well. Listings are NEW, agents just got the home listed and now they are looking for marketing services to sell it.  Additionally, you might consider picking up gigs from RTV.  We have a show tomorrow all about this  




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