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Those of you getting suited up to sell and market to real estate agents, home builders or developers should take some time and review some hard-hitting stats that you can include in your marketing materials.  For BlueLaVaMedia pieces we simply google "Professional Real Estate Photography Statistics"  Keep in mind that professional still photos are at the very core of selling to realtors. Realtors MUST have still photos to list and sell properties. have something that they must have in order to even put the listing on the MLS (multiple listing service).  To get started I recommend that you memorize a few of these   hard hitting facts. When you make your real estate packages, consider making them with still photos at the very base of everything since they must have these.  If you can get the still photography work AND the drone work you cannot be eclipsed by a real estate photographer who gets their 107.  Make yourself bulletproof in 2018!


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Have you thought about offering floor plans with your property marketing services?  I would recommend a couple of floor plan solutions.  First and foremost I like to recommend Magic Plan by Sensopia. Mostly because it just works and literally anyone can do it with just a little practice. Check it out.  The other one that I've begun hearing good things about is Measure Tap which was created by my friends over at Occipital.  They make the really slick 3D scanner that goes on an iPhone or Droid.  Their product is showing some promise and is called Tap Measure   

Once your floor plan is finished you can toss it into a tour player for one heck of a final interactive presentation.  Let's take a peek -





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