First racing drone - Need help! :)

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On 3/16/2018 at 1:49 AM, Spitfire76 said:

Hi @Drizzel - thanks for providing a more detailed list of components as that will certainly help. The first set of 9 videos should help a lot as it looks like his build uses the same flight controller and radio receiver.

My advice is to test as much of the components individually as possible (unit testing). This way you make sure that each components works rather than assembling everything before applying power. An example of this is in the videos as he doesn't add any of the video components until after making sure that it flies well. So for the moment put aside the following.

  • Eachine TS5828 Transmitter.
  • 5.8 GH rc832 av receiver.
  • 5.8 GH antenna rx and tx.
  • cheap chinese camera.
  • associated cables.

One thing that I would do that I don't believe is in the video is to perform a calibration on each ESC/Motor without using the flight controller. This not only tests the ESC/Motor but also the radio Tx and Rx. If you have had electric RC planes or cars you maybe familiar with this procedure if not let me know.

Now what about power ?. I did not see a LiPo battery in your list. Also I see that the PDB (Power Distribution Board) that came with the frame likely doesn't have a BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) to provide a stable +5v supply. The +5v can also be provided by an ESCs but it looks like the ones you have are OPTO and so don't have built in BEC.


"perform a calibration on each ESC/Motor without using the flight controller. " I am not familial with this procedure and new to building drones, help would be appreciated.


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9 hours ago, Drizzel said:

Everything worked now, just need to reorder some parts I accidentally fried by being stupid


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