AirMap: Not for the drone industry

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This is an interesting article.  Even if commercial operators aren't interested in the politics surrounding this industry, they just don't want to deal with the drama, but are planning to invest a lot of time, money and energy building a business in this sector, they really owe it to themselves to at least understand the issues and what the motivations are behind those that are politically influencing the regulations.  

Gregory McNeal, Brandon Schulman and others are doing all they can to use our laws to regulate out competition.  If you want to feed your family in this industry then you should be aware of how and why they are doing it.  It IS going to effect commercial operators whether they get involved or not.  

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I agree.  Paying attention to all the politics involved in any industry is painful not to mention frustrating.  This is going to affect anyone, commercial or hobby that likes to fly anywhere and everywhere.  Here is the ULC Tort Law draft May 8, 2018.  Get educated, get involved the article above allows you to get on a mailing list to stay informed:


2018may8_TLRDA_Conf Call Draft.pdf

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