Mavic Pro v Mavic Air / Firmware allowing flight? / China Tea Fields


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Hey all - awhile back, maybe a year or more ago I heard that if you update the Mavic Pro firmware it was locking people out of being able to fly even if you had permission to fly in those areas. I wasn't sure if everyone experienced that or not? I haven't updated my firmware in forever because I was afraid of that. I do a lot commercial work for architects and the local airport is super cool about giving permission over the phone, especially when I'm only doing 50-100ft AGL flights within 50-100 yards of the home point. (I'm part 107 certified as well)  

I recently got the Mavic Air and it's newer firmware has prevent me from taking off in spots saying "cannot take off" on the screen, even if I have permission, so I always have my Mavic Pro ready to go as well. 

Now I'm headed to China for a company specifically to shoot Tea Plantations for their business. (DSLR photo/video & drone shots.)

I'd love to take the Mavic Air because of it's size for travel, but I'm afraid I'm going to get over there and get that "cannot take off" message. 

Let me be clear, I'm not saying I want to make illegal flights. I just want to be able to fly in the areas I should be able to fly, class G, and in the middle of nowhere in a tea field, or in places that I've been given permission to fly. The controller obviously doesn't know that I've been given permission though. 

Anyone had this issue, know a way around it, or an article pointing to this firmware issue? Better yet, anyone in China been flying around tea fields in Shoaxing,  Nanning, or Pu'er City? I see a few geo zones on the DJI website map, but I think the tea fields will be out in the country away from them. 

Thanks so much for the help - 



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7 hours ago, Ed O'Grady said:

This may be of additional help to you before you go - you may already have this info

And this

It was interesting in the second link how they wouldn’t let him bring his drone in and he could rent or purchase one and fly that but he couldn’t take his drone in and he could up pick his drone on the way out.  


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