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For those of us whose drone might just do a "fly away," tracking the drone could be easier if a RFID tag was affixed to the drone. My older son, a Georgia Tech Mechanical Engineer, purchased a rfid tracking device for Jack, his dog about a year ago. The tracker is a built-in device that fits on Jack's collar. It can be charged overnight. This device is "tagged" to Joel's iphone by an app. If Jack were to somehow get away from the house, a signal alerts Joel's phone app, allowing Joel to locate his missing dog.  

Now, why couldn't this device somehow be "married" to the flyer's drone so that it can be tracked and located through the phone app? I imagine that a flyaway would be less traumatic and a lot less expensive. I would like to hear other drone pilots weigh-in on this topic because I am interested in a way to track my drone since my flying area is a 407 acre farm in Georgia.

Jim New Pilot







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Like where your head is at. From my understanding, RFID is good, but GPS is much better. With RFID, I think you need to be pretty close to the drone for it to pick up. Here are a few solutions/articles I've come across:

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