Issues with Flight Log conversion and upload

Rylan Loemker

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I am having issues with my flight logs. It has only started happening since my last flight on the weekend. Normall I have used Healthy Drones or DJI Log Converter. @DroneLogbook also recommended Phantomhelp but I am not sure this works converter works with Inspire files.

It also seems that these issues started after I attempted install Ultimate Flight and Litchi - both of which are now uninstalled (but there may be some remnant files interfering with DJI Go). The only other difference is I had dual operations but I doubt this would impact the flight logs - so my only guess is option 1 - the other apps). When I upload the file into Dronelogbook it doesn't show the flight time, battery levels and the distance and height are all wrong. However, in the initial upload to Healthy Drones, the log looks normal with correct flight data. I have attached a bunch of the files if anyone wants to take a look at let me know what they find. I'll also add one that worked (raw and converted) and maybe they can spot the difference.








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4 hours ago, DroneLogbook said:

We do our best to make this all work. The issue at times is DJI they are not "industry" friendly. So it is a work around but we always welcome feedback and any bug notifications.

I don't believe it's your system @DroneLogbook but would you be able to look at the files and see why they are no longer working all of a sudden?


The files that work and don't work look the same to me but there could be something else by the way its linking into your system.

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