Asked to fly Pro Am Golf Tournament

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I have been asked if I could fly the event.  I already have a authorization to fly the area (maximum of 100ft) from the FAA, but I know it's impossible to get the Part 107.39 waiver.  I think they are largely looking for the very beginning when everyone is in their carts and shooting off to their respective holes.  There are multiple areas I can gain footage of this that won't be over people or within even 100ft.  If I tether the uav so that it is impossible for it to go out of this "safe" area do you think I should accept the job?

Thanks in Advance


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Have you ever done this sort of thing before?  It really depends on your experience. 

There should be a ton of places at a golf coarse where you could fly safely without a 107.39 waiver.  It would be much easier and safer if you had a two person setup, one flying the other controlling the camera .  

Sounds like fun.

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Whether your Z3 camera is up to snuff depends on the deliverable your Client requires. If they just want some good stills or 1080 video footage for use on the web, the Z3 will be fine. However, if they need  high-res stills, slow motion footage or serious 4K broadcast-quality footage, then it’s time to upgrade your camera if you want to take this job.

Hope that helps!

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